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The new digital STRONG-ZERO Voltage Controlled Oscillator Core expands the frequency modulation possibilities for any Furthrrrr Generator to an entirely new level

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Product Description

  • Instant thru-zero linear fm in your Furthrrrr Generator
  •  16-pin DIP IC chip – VCO Core replacement that works with any Furthrrrr Generator
  •  expands Furthrrrr Generator FM capabilities for obtaining new timbres – deeper, metallic timbres, entirely new sphere of sounds from light whistles to weird noises
  •  Band-limited 12 bit resolution 80 kHz samplerate output
  •  together with Terminal, create powerful 2-operator modular FM-synth
  • 16 bit pitch CV and linear FM acquisition for proper microtuning and modulation operations
  •  Hard and soft sync without aliasing as may be expected from stock Furthrrrr VCO

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