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The new digital STRONG-ZERO Voltage Controlled Oscillator Core expands the frequency modulation possibilities for any Furthrrrr Generator to an entirely new level

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The new digital STRONG ZERO Voltage Controlled Oscillator Core expands frequency modulation possibilities of the
Furthrrrr Generator to an entirely new level.

An oscillator core is the heart of a synthesizer’s tone generator; the integrated circuit that generates primitive waveforms (in terms of Furthrrrr Generator – triangle and square waves) from which all the rest of the waveshapes are derived. It also ensures thermal stability of the oscillator’s pitch – so the frequency will not alter to temperature drift (for example as the concert goes on and crowd breathe and smoke some weed, the temperature inside increases). In most analog oscillators linear Frequency Modulation reacts only to positive Modulator signals – the ones that go above zero volts only. The voltages that go below zero usually don’t affect the Carrier’s pitch at all. The new STRONG ZERO VCO Core offers bi-directional linear FM modulation – usually called in analog ‘thru-zero’ linear FM, with which negative modulator’s part not only affects the modulation but creates a phase reversal of the Carrier (when Modulator crosses zero and at certain modulation index). Small difference, however as a result – deeper, metallic timbres, entirely new sphere of sounds from light whistles to weird noises. In the Furthrrrr Generator typical workflow we have Carrier oscillator – used commonly as a tone signal generator, and Modulator – the one that shapes Carrier and carries control source. In terms of frequency modulation, they can be called ‘operators’ and the whole Furthrrrr Generator patch (incl. some relative modules in the patch) may be considered as a single voice. In connection with Terminal, Furthrrrr Generator creates full synthesizer voice and with thru-zero linear FM capability it can be considered as 2-operator monophonic FM synthesizer.


  • Instant thru-zero linear fm in your Furthrrrr Generator
  • 16-pin DIP IC chip – VCO Core replacement that works with any Furthrrrr Generator
  • Expands Furthrrrr Generator FM capabilities for obtaining new timbres – deeper, metallic timbres, entirely new sphere of sounds from light whistles to weird noises
  • Band-limited 12 bit resolution 80 kHz samplerate output
  • Together with Terminal, create powerful 2-operator modular FM-synth
  • 16 bit pitch CV and linear FM acquisition for proper microtuning and modulation operations
  • Hard and soft sync without aliasing as may be expected from stock Furthrrrr VCO

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