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Folktek Matter plug-ins and cards

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The long awaited Matter plug-ins and cards are finally here. They expand, direct or change the function of Matter and allow for a greater level of experimentalism and possibility. You’ll discover that, though unlabeled, some of the trigger points can be used as audio inputs to allow for internal manipulation.

This is a two part system: First the plug-in inserts into the headers on Matter, then any one of the cards is inserted into the card slot. Understand that much of what the cards do can be accomplished by direct jumping and with the use of Resist.

Set 1 includes the main plug-in and 7 cards. Set 2, a new series of cards will come later in 2016

Included cards:

card 1 = Soot

Unadulterated Drone with four knobs to control the function. Cv input over one oscillation.

– plugging in immediately turns Matter into a multi-oscillator drone synth. The four knobs will control pitch and shaping and create deep modulated swells.

– apply cv to jack 1 to control the pitch of one osc.

card 2 = Granules

Converts Matter back into headers (This is great because with multiple “granules” cards, you can create your own presets). This also eliminates the need to unplug the main plug-in to get back into direct point to point patching.

– simply use as you’ve always used matter to create patches standalone or with the use of Resist and/or Conduit.

card 3 = Pebbles

Solder pads of all points to create your own preset function by simple point to point connection.

card 4 = Conduit

All touch – designed to allow the touch points (harmonic oscillations) of the front touch panel for Conduit to play through the player and into Matter. This utilizes the internal filtering, drive and amplitude of Matter to manipulate the oscillation travelling through the body of the player.

– Without Conduit, touching the tip of any plug connected to the audio out of another module will send that audio signal through the player and into Matter for touch-based manipulation.

– In the future, there will be a folktek module which converts audio signals to touch points to play into Matter via this Conduit card.

card 5 = Moss

Real dirty resonant filtering of external signals – two inexact filter shape knobs and a level knob.

– send audio into jack 2

– internal modulation control over filtering.

card 6 = Sand

Directs specific 8 patch points to jacks and adds 4 knobs to control the triggered sounds.

– send gate or cv signals to any or all of the 8 Matter cv jacks

card 7 = Dust


Directs specific 8 patch points to jacks and add 3 knobs to control the triggered sounds.

– send gate or cv signals to any or all of the 8 Matter cv jacks

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