Dual Passive LPG 双被动低通门

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A dual 1-pole vactrol based LPG / VCA module that only takes 2 HP space, and requires no power supply.

The DPLPG combines two passive low-pass gates with -6 dB slope on 2 HP width. This means you get two channels of the classic bongo sound that everyone is looking for plus the module takes up close to no space and doesn’t even draw any power! A simple trigger pulse is all you need to use the natural decay behaviour of the opto couplers. – What else can you wish for?

The components of the DPLPG are carefully selected in terms of musicality and sound. By using opto couplers, the two channels will most likely differ from each other. This is natural behavior caused by how opto couplers are made. Each component will have a slightly different behaviour. – In essence, it will add to the individuality of your sound!

Module does not draw current
23mm depth

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Dimensions 21 × 12 × 6 cm