Vermona Modular tVCF-Extension


Extension module for twinVCFilter

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The Vermona Modular twinVCFilter is a versatile filter module itself. But there are times when you need some additional features like a notch-filter. In this case tVCF-Extension is your friend.

Individual Filter Outputs
tVCF-Extension has got individual outputs for each filter type of twinVCFilter’s filter-sections and even adds notch outputs. You can use all outputs at the same time.

As you might know, twinVCFilter already has two CV-inputs per filter section. We thought that might not be enough for complex patches, so tVCF-Extension has additional CV-inputs to modulate the cutoff-frequencies. Each with a dedicated polarizer for attenuating and inverting incoming voltages. With these you will get new modulation possibilities like controlling both cutoff-frequencies at the same time in parallel or contrary.

To get even more out of the module you can separate the polarizer section from the cutoff-frequencies and use them independently of twinVCFilter. They also can generate a voltage on their own.

tVCF-Extension is an elegant and even slim way to extend the vast possibilities of twinVCFilter.

30 mA +12V
20 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
Width/Height – 10 HP, 3 U
Depth – 30 mm

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 cm