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Row Power is a clean, regulated, and protected power solution for eurorack systems.

A single Row Power module can power a small system, and multiple Row Powers can be daisy-chained to power a large system using a single power brick.

Simply plug a laptop-style universal power supply into the Row Power panel and connect your modules via Flying Bus cables or a Bus Stick.
You can even daisy-chain multiple Row Powers to use a single power brick for multiple rows. Each row will be independently regulated and protected for ultra-low cross-talk.

Row Power modules run cool and provide safe, clean and quiet power to your modules. In a typical system, a single Row Power 30 module can power 100-168HP of modules (1.5A of +12V).


  • Two power jacks for daisy-chaining multiple Row Powers: a common laptop-style power brick typically powers 300-500HP.
  • On/off switch cuts power without interrupting the daisy-chain
  • Row Power 30 (white panel) provides more than enough power for 104HP of modules (sometimes up to two 84HP rows).
  • Ultra-clean: Each rail is separately regulated with high-grade circuitry
  • Runs cool: Row Power is efficient so it won’t heat up itself or your system. Electronics like to chill!
  • Skiff-friendly: very shallow module fits in any case
  • CV/Gate headers for expansion
  • DIY-friendly: PCB pads for blade tabs for power entry, to be used in custom installations where the faceplate is not used

Row Power 30: +12V @ 1.5A, -12V @ 0.75A, +5V @ 0.5A
Row Power 40: +12V @ 1.5A, -12V @ 1.25A, +5V @ 1.5A
Power brick: 2.1mm barrel, positive center, 15V-20V.
4HP wide, 24mm deep (0.96″), up to 28mm (1.1″) with power cable

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