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6Hp power supplier for external pedals

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The Stoker Elektrek Module is a 9 Volts pedal power supply provider (Direct Current) (it allows you to power your pedal using your eurorack case’s internal power supply). It also contains a double buffered multiple (2 x 1->2) or a 1 x 1->4 bufeered multiple into a 6hp anodized aluminium panel. It was designed to use one pedal with your eurosystem.


  • 9 Volts DC Power supplier
  • Up to 750mA
  • Buffered Multiples
  • Standard negative tip
  • Alu/red panel

Caution: Note this is only an output ! don’t plug anything but the provided bicolor cable in the power jack socket.
Remove the bicolor external cable on the panel side when not in use.
Please note to keep the end of the cable out of metalic/conductive surfaces as the external part is positive it will short the power supply.

+12V 5mA to 750mA
-12V 5mA

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Dimensions 16 × 11 × 8 cm