XOR Electronics NerdSEQ IO Expander (Grey)


Midi and gamepad expander for the NerdSEQ

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The NerdSEQ IO Expander enhances the NerdSEQ with a Midi-In, Midi Out (DIN5) port and a connector for a Sega Gamepad controller.

The Midi functionality is for clocking as Master/Slave, to play and record from Midi (Midi→CV Conversion) and soon to sequence Midi as well.

The Gamepad Connector can connect to a Sega Gamepad8. This can be used for navigation, editing and live playing. For now there is only a basic definition of the buttons, but it will be customisable in the future so you can assign each button to a function.

The expander is connected with a ribbon cable on the back side of the NerdSEQ (PAD-Midi).

0mA +12V
0mA -12V
0mA 5V
10mm deep

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 17 × 12 cm