XOR Electronics NerdSEQ (Black)


Hybrid tracker sequencer for Eurorack

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The NerdSEQ is a 10 channel tracker based sequencer for Eurorack systems. It consist of 6 tracks of CV/Trigger/Gate with each track containing 2 CV outputs and 1 Trigger/Gate output. There are 4 further sample tracks with 2 dedicated audio outputs for sample sequencing. Dedicated clock/reset inputs and outputs are available for different clock types. There is also 4 free assignable CV inputs that can be used for live manipulation or CV/Gate recording.

The sequencer itself is inspired on old module trackers like Fasttracker2 (PC), OctaMED (Amiga), LittleSoundDJ (Gameboy) and Little Piggy Tracker (Multiple Platforms).

It contains many, very powerful functions for sequencing like an advanced live ability, pattern lengths up to 64 steps, chaining, poly-rhythmic tracks, groove, glide, ratcheting/retrigger, flexible trigger/gate/step lengths, patches, special effects, probability, tables and more.

The sampler tracks have special functionalities for sample playing such as pitch shifting, sample effects, retrigger and many more. Samples can be loaded from a dedicated microSD card input available on the front panel.

The sequencer is able to make loops and full songs (even multiple songs on one project, depending on complexity, usage of patterns etc.) Projects can be saved and loaded on/from the microSD card.

All editing is implemented in a very easy way. So every screen or edit option can be accessed through one key or Shift + Key. No complex submenus or menu diving is needed.


  • Colour Graphics IPS display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels
  • 10 full size and 6 half size buttons
  • 4 CV Inputs (range 0..10 Volt)
  • 12 CV outputs (Range -5 Volt /+5 Volt or 0 Volt / +10 Volt)
  • 6 Trigger/Gate Outputs (5 Volt),
  • 2 Sample outputs (-5 Volt/+5 Volt)
  • Clock+Reset Inputs and Outputs (5 Volt)
  • 2 toggle switches to change the offset of the CV voltages
  • 2 LED to indicate clocks
  • microSD connector accessible on frontpanel
  • 10 pin boxed bus connector (power)
  • Expander connector (12 pin boxed) for IO-Expander (Midi In/Out + Sega Gamepad connector) (Expander must be ordered separately)
  • Expander connector (14 pin boxed) for special Nerdseq extensions like a NSA (Nerd Sound Adapter) which are dedicated Cartridges including full synthesizers. Those are totally integrated in the Nerdseq sequencer. (Under development)


  • 6 CV/Trigger/Gate tracks for 12 CV and 6 Trigger/Gate outputs
  • 2×2 sample tracks for 2 sample outputs (mono)
  • 239 Sequencer rows
  • 175 Patterns with each 64 (and less) Steps
  • 176 Patches
  • 32 Tables with 16 (and less) steps
  • 16 Automation slots (2do)
  • 12 Sample slots

~190mA +12V
~32mA -12V
0mA 5V
20mm deep

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