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High precision voltage controlled oscillator

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Audio-oscillators are probably the most widespread modules in eurorack-systems. They are fundamental for generating synthetic sounds, tonal as well as percussive ones.

Oscillator-circuits are used in our VERMONA synthesizers, we know how to design them. But instead of copy and paste, we reworked many aspects when adapting our circuits for modular purpose. What is great for closed systems might not always be perfect for modular systems.

All that development work resulted in uniCYCLE: compact, high-performance and stable.

Simple interface and quality without compromises

When designing an audio-oscillator we took great care to make it suitable for musical context. Beside excellent sound quality this also means rock-solid tuning stability. uniCYCLE more than fulfills these requirements. It easily covers a huge tuning-range while strictly following the 1-volt-per-octave-convention.

With one knob you can master uniCYCLE’s frequencies in three different modes. TUNE either controls the low-frequency or audio range or adds respectively subtracts, exactly one octave. In this calibrated mode it provides a dead-zone around its center-position. Thus it’s easy to access all three octaves without the need of a center-click.

With only 10 HP in width, uniCYCLE offers all the common features that you might expect: inputs for hard- and soft-sync as well as exponential and linear frequency modulation.

Even more than standard waves

uniCYCLE offers six waveform outputs. Beside the classic sawtooth, triangleand square it generates sine, even and a special sawtooth with doubled frequency. PWM is not only available for square. Even – a shape the only has even-numbered harmonics – can be transformed to a sine-like wave whereas the doubled saw turns into half-pitched triangles.

uniCYCLE is a strong base for each eurorack-system. At least one should be in every case.


waveform output levels: ±5 volts
optimal CV-input levels: ±5 volts

Maximum Power Consumption:
+12 volts 70 mA
–12 volts 60 mA
+5 volts –

Dimensions and Weight:
Width / Height 10 HP (129.00 mm) / 3 U
Depth 45 mm
Weight 160 g

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 12 cm