Schippmann CS-8 VDL6 Dual/Stereo Low Pass Filter


Discrete diode stereo low-pass filter

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A true dual filter containing two identical and independent filters A and B. Each filter, A and B, provides 4 simultaneous outputs with different slopes, which are clearly different in sound. By mixing and/or subtracting and/or sharing of the overall 8 outputs one obtain mighty musical, creative possibilities.

Furthermore the module is equipped with CV (Control Voltage)-inputs for cutoff-frequency (FREQ) and resonance (RESO), separately for each channel that true and independent dual/stereo audio operating is possible.

Design and implementation meet highest technical standards concerning usability, sound quality, and electromagnetic immunity. The entire design and production work was done in Germany.

200 mA +12V
200 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
37 mm Depth

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