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Analog CV mangling utilities

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While Links focused on transparent signal distribution, Kinks provides 3 analog signal processing operations to punish your audio signals and spank your CVs.

SIGN is a precision signal inverter and a half- and full-wave rectifier.

LOGIC performs analog OR (maximum) and AND (minimum) operations.

S&H is a sample-and-hold circuit coupled with a white noise source (normalized to the S&H input).

A 2-color output monitoring LED is available for each of these channels.

Technical characteristics:
All inputs DC-coupled.
All circuits handle audio-rate signals.
Input impedance: 66k for RECTIFY, 90k for LOGIC, 1M for S&H.
S&H TRIG input edge detector: minimum pulse width: 25µs. Maximum slew rate: 0.2V/ms.
S&H sampling time: 100µs.
S&H droop rate:

25 mA +12V
25 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
12 mm Depth

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