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History navigator, connecting patch shapes in temporal arrangement

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W/ (pronounced with) contains over 8​ ​hours of sound history–a medium awaiting performers’ input as sound recordings, and sculptural manipulations thereof. Considered as a traditional tape system​, ​sounds can be played forward and back, at fixed speeds, or with continuous through-zero momentum.

Audio loops can be freely joined while in motion, along with voltage-controlled sound-on-sound recording capacity. Beyond simple looppoints, these locations are stored in the history, providing ‘cues’ for navigation through time. These cues become the editable locations for volt-per-octave sampler behaviour. VC-cue navigation allows structured sample-selection.

Think endless sketchbook, not archival tool; the interface focuses on muscle-memory & cheat-code combos. Rich lighting feedback and menu-less operation keep the learning curve shallow, enabling any performer to multiply their system with W/.

39mm depth
59mA @ +12V 13mA @ -12V



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Dimensions 7 × 13 × 18 cm