Klavis Logica Gater


Voltage-controlled logic and gate processor

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Logic functions are a longtime ally in the modular toolbox. In the typical Klavis’ approach, we had to bring something extra to the party.

First, we made the selection of the logic function controllable by a voltage; this way creative dynamics can be put in place.

Secondly, we have our unique Gater function which combines gates in a way no traditional logic function does: it creates as many individual gate triggers on the output jack as are arriving on the various inputs.


  • Nine modes of operation: 7 logic functions + forcing to 1 or 0
  • Unique Gater function to add-up multiple gate signals while maintaining each triggering
  • Three normalized input jacks + manual button for quad signal handling
  • Simultaneously normal and inverted outputs (e.g. And & Nand)
  • Dedicated Flip-Flop output (divider by two)
  • Continuous manual + bipolar CV control of the 9 logic options
  • LEDs on all outputs
  • LED on manual button indicating its default status
  • Skiff-friendly & compact module

0 mA +12V
1 mA -12V
16 mA 5V
25 mm deep

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