Intellijel Quadrax


The beating heart of your modular. Quad Function/Burst Generator/LFO with CV Matrix

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The Quadrax from Intellijel is a four-channel function generator module, great for complex envelopes and LFOs. Each of the channels has rise, fall, and shape controls. The shape goes from logarithmic rise/exponential fall, to linear, and finally exponential rise/logarithmic fall. There are four CV inputs that can be mapped to any parameter on any channel using a mod-matrix mode. The available parameters for CV control include; rise, fall, shape, and level. The Quadrax includes five modes; attack/decay, attack/sustain/release, cycle, pulse burst, and bi-polar LFO. In LFO mode, the rise knob sets the rate, the shape knob selects an LFO shape, and the fall control is a morph parameter, unique to each of the LFO shapes. Additionally in LFO mode, the trigger jack becomes a clock input that can sync to an incoming clock signal, with divisions/multiplications controlled by the rise knob. There are controls for internal syncing, with each envelope having the ability to sync to the previous envelope’s trigger input, end of rise, or end of fall. End of rise and end of fall trigger outputs are available on the QX Quadrax expander. The module retains all routing options and states when powered down. With four independent or synced envelopes, the ability to create cycling envelopes or LFOs, and a complex modulation routing matrix, the Quadrax packs a lot of features into one module.


  • Quad function generator
  • Rise, fall, and shape control per channel
  • CV mod-matrix
  • A/D, A/S/R, cycling, pulse burst, and bipolar LFO modes
  • Clock sync in LFO mode
  • Each envelope can sync to the previous one
  • End of rise/fall outputs with expander
  • Retains all settings when powered down




Width 14HP
Depth 38mm
Power 6 mA @ +12V
9 mA @ -12V


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Dimensions 21 × 12 × 6 cm