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CGM Creative Mixer

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The CGM is designed to be flexible. A standalone single channel works as a top-class VCA with a final volume potentiometer. Add a group, and you can start getting the advantage of the two send&return and a stereo out. Add more channels to a group (up to 8) to take advantage of the MUTE & SOLO functions. Add a master then to use your headphones with the MAIN OUT, the PFL, or mix between them. The master module also let you manage multiple “channels -> group” configuration.

Each master module manages up to 4 group. Each group manages up to 8 channels. This means that each CGM system is capable of 8 send/return and 32 channels, with the highest quality possible.


  • CV controlled VCA with attenuator, peak LED and a soft creamy saturation
  • mono direct output with pre/post fader switch
  • VCAs with attenuators and pre/post fader switch for both sends
  • CV and attenuator for PAN
  • all CV inputs impedance is 100 KΩ ±10%
  • fader
  • MUTE +SOLO in place +PFL as latching buttons + LED

80mA +12V
80mA -12V
Maximum drawing with heavy driven output onto low impedance load
104mA +12V
100mA -12V
mono input (impedance > 25KΩ)
43mm deep

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