Doepfer PSU3


For DIY projects or upgrading your Doepfer case for more power

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Assembled and tested power supply 12V / 2000mA, -12V / 1200mA, +5V/4000mA, mains voltage wide range input 100…240V

Does not include cables, mains inlet, power switch, fuse and mounting material (screws, spacers, nuts, washers), up to four bus boards can be connected to the A-100PSU3

This can be retrofitted to upgrade older Doepfer cases.

Dimensions: ~ 200 mm (lenght) x 80 mm (width) x 40 mm (height)

Suitable for qualified personnel only because of electrical safety (dangerous mains voltage 115V / 230V)

Primary blade connectors: 2x for mains voltage
Secondary blade connectors: 4x for +12V, 4x +5V, 4x ground, 4x -12V
Grounding screw