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Delta V is a dexterous dual channel envelope with a cycle switch and a dedicated VCA for both channels. In practice Delta V is a very versatile and powerful analog tool that, amongst other functions, turns gates and triggers into accurately shapeable envelopes. The module packs a great amount of functionality in only 10HP.
With CV control over the attack and decay and the dedicated End Of Cycle outputs, there is a lot of room for experimenting and complex patches.
As you would expect, the overall shape of the envelopes can be set by the overall shape, the attack and decay knob
The knobs can be set to produce either extremely snappy or very long envelopes.
Additionally a jumper on the back of the module allows you to switch between linked or unlinked trigger inputs.
Meaning that with the jumper installed, the input signal of the left trigger channel will be normalised to the trigger input of the second channel.
This is helpful if you plan to use Delta-V in a common subtractive setup where both envelopes would use the same trigger so the VCO and the VCF envelopes have different shapes.
There are many more useful ways to make use of Delta-V.
We have included a few patch idea’s to get you started, these ideas might even inspire you to explore new, slightly unconventional territories.


+/-12V 60MA

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