Compact digital oscillator 

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The ‘MCO’ is a compact digital oscillator. It features a main ‘morphing’ wavetable output, an additional copy of this output with overlaid vari- able pulse segments (ala Alpha Juno style saw wave pwm) and a sub square wave output an octave down to the main output. The waveform and pulse segment width can be both directly and voltage controlled. The pulse segment distribution can also be voltage controlled via the ‘type’ input. Expect an early 90s slightly crunchy digital type sound (ala Ensoniq, Kawaii Kx synths) rather than something striving for perfect analog emulation.

Power: +12V 40ma / -12V 15ma

Size: 6HP
Depth: 38mm
Resolution: 16Bit/48Khz with AKM codec.

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