Addac402 Heuristic Rhythm generator


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Here’s our 4 Voice Heuristic Rhythm Generator and MIDI In Out Expansion.
With 6 rhythm generation “algorithms / principles”:
Euclidean (equal distribution)
Golomb Rulers (inequal distribution)
Probabilistic (predictable distribution)
Game Of Life (organic progression)
Footwork’n (inducted error progression)
Pong (voltage controlled Pong game)
Plus a 4 channel Gate Sequencer Mode with 16 presets.

Add ADDAC402B Expansion for full I/O Midi control plus access to a powerfu midi interface, with:
Midi Sync
5 cv to midi channels (notes and/or cc)
4 midi to gate channels
All panel controls (knobs, switches and push buttons) as cc controls.
All fully configurable with a midi learn feature for easier configuration.

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