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These are signed copies by Dave Lovelace.

Since 2005, The Packrat has been a favorite of synthesizer and rodent fans alike. This brilliant comic strip has been running in Keyboard Magazine monthly since August, 2010 (as well as for a few months back in 2005 – 2006). Now those comics, along with a few extra surprises, are all collected in one book, which you might just cherish more than your whole keyboard collection. Here is what you’ll find inside:

• Around 50 comic strips which appeared in Keyboard Magazine.
• A few extra drawings & comics only seen in a few blogs by an inner circle of cool people including probably yourself.
• MASSIVE 12-page adventure never seen anywhere else, “Synthesizer Pugilistic Exposition Goes Nuts.”

• A copy signed by the warped wonder author that is Dave Lovelace, especially for the Cymru Beats store.

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