Erica Drum Sequencer


Easy to use, classical X0X style live performance oriented sequencer module that provides the ultimate control over your system.

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  • 16x trigger outputs
  • 12x accent outs
  • 1x CV track with scales
  • 1x Gate track
  • 2x LFO with independent or synced to the BPM frequency
  • LFO attenuation per out
  • Max pattern length = 64 steps
  • Time signature per Track
  • Direction per track/pattern
  • Pattern length per Track
  • Shuffle per track
  • Probability per step
  • Retrigger per step
  • Time shift per step
  • Instant pattern switching
  • Solo/Mute tracks
  • Step/Tap record modes
  • 8 Banks of 16 Patterns
  • Quick Copy/Paste per tracks & patterns
  • Instant pattern switching (atkārtojas)
  • Pattern linking
  • MIDI sync in with Start/Stop
  • External 4PPQ clock in
  • Firmware upgrade via MIDI SysEx​​

Trigger amplitude 5V
Panel Width 42 HP
Module depth 30mm
Power consumption   152mA@+12V 56mA@-12V

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Weight 0.225 kg
Dimensions 21 x 12 x 6 cm