Synthrotek 308 Distortion
Synthrotek 308 Distortion

Synthrotek 308 Distortion


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Get ready for the bright lights of the colosseum!

We’ve taken our rock-solid RAT clone, squeezed it into a Eurorack module and added CV control over Gain. The 308 will take your playing to new heights with tremolo and other distortion modulation techniques.

3 controls – Tone, Filter, and Drive – to customize your tone. Tone sets the brightness level, Filter dials in the high frequency response, and Drive determines the signal gain.
4 Diode Settings – An on-board 4PST DIP Switch selects between 4 different clipping diodes to drastically alter your sound. Turn on the stock version 1N4148s, LEDs, Germanium diodes, or none at all with flick of a little switch.
Vintage Tone – The PCB is designed from the original RAT tone IC, the LM308 single op amp.
Control Voltage (CV) Input
Guitar AND Modular – Adjust the input impedance with a trim pot.
Plug your guitar in using Circuit Abbey’s Axis module.
Current draw: >10mA on the positive rail

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