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Sampler and Sequencer combining loop sampling/sequencing and a triggered sampler into one module. SD card for loading .wav files, or live sampling to the looper.

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Product Description

Beyond audio this DC coupled sampling module finds uses for sequencing at longer time scales right through traditional sampling beyond to audio frequencies for PLLs or formant synthesis. Collecting a pair of diverse sampling functions into 12HP, both generic enough for multiple applications while separately maintaining focus around triggered playback and looping.

    • 12hp
    • 25 mA +12V
    • 10 mA -12V
    • 150 mA 5V
    • 48 mm Depth

Mungo modules are hand made in Australia. The front panels are made of a material which has an industrial aesthetic. Some of the panels will have marks and slight surface scratches. Think of it as all part of the Mungo aesthetic!

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