Frap Tools Silta with Flying Bus


6HP wide Eurorack power solution

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SILTA is a 6HP wide Eurorack power solution module providing up to 1.25 Ampere. A “flying bus board” is used as power distribution. Up to three SILTAs can be cascaded and powered with one brick and a USB connector on the faceplate provides +5V

The USB port gives you 500 mA power at +5 V, e.g. to power a USB MIDI keyboard, a MIDI controller or a USB gooseneck lamp.

The Thru socket located below the status LEDs allows you to cascade Red long vertPup to three SILTAs, powering them with only one powerful external power brick. All you need to do is to connect the thru socket with the power inlet of the next SILTA using a cable with 2.5 mm coaxial female connectors on both sides.

An external laptop-style power supply with 24V DC output voltage is not suplied with the SILTA and has to be purchased separately – HERE

1.25A @ +12V
1.25A @ -12V
1.5A @ +5V
43mm deep

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