Analogue Systems RS-600 Performance Wheels


Backlit modulation and pitch bend wheels

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The RS-600 Performance Wheels are backlit modulation and pitch bend wheels made of clear acrylic. They change colour as you move them and the modulation wheel LED flashes with intensity as it is moved showing the internal lfo frequency.

The modulation wheel controls intensity of the integrated LFO (frequency range 0.15Hz to 45Hz). If a cable is inserted into the external input the LFO will be deactivated and the modulation wheel controls the amount of the external voltage. The modulation is present at the MOD output

The pitch bend wheel generates a voltage at the BEND ouput. Its range is being controlled by the depth potentiometer. Voltage range from -2V to 2V

The mix output carries a mix of the voltages form the modulation wheel and the pitch bend wheel. The bend wheel has a range of -4.5V to 4.5V at this output.

Technical details
Width: 12HP

Bend output
External input
Mix output
Mod output

Additional information

Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 15.7 × 10.4 × 10 cm