Analogue Systems RS-450 CV Recorder


Multi-channel recording of voltages, gates and trigger from external sources

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The RS-450 is a multifunctional module for multi-channel recording of voltages, gates and trigger from external sources. This voltage sequences can be recorded in 10 memories and can be recalled at any time for live use. As the sampling frequency of the RS-450 is high it is also possible to record audio signals as well, just like with a sampler.

Recording CVs, gates and trigger on four channels with a sampling frequency up to 14kHz i.e. audio recordings are possible too. Module can be used as a sequencer as well because it has clock in- and outputs and parameters for sequence start and end points. It can be played in realtime or in step time mode. Different playback possibilities like forward, backward, bi-directional as well as single, repeat, and hold modes. 

The functions start, stop, record and rest/reset can be activated manually and with CVs as well.

Technical details
Width: 36HP

Seq Start CV input
Seq End CV input
Frequency CV input
Clock input
Clock output
Transpose input
Start input
Stop input
Record input
Rest/Reset input
CV inputs 1-4
CV outputs 1-4

Additional information

Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 15.7 × 10.4 × 10 cm