Analogue Systems RS-440 BBD Analogue Delay


Analog delay with bucket brigade device

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Analog delay with bucket brigade device (BBD) technology, feedback and voltage control of delay time and dry/wet mix.

Unlike digital delays, even the simple ones, a BBD delay has a considerably smaller bandwidth and the maximum delay time shorter. The longer the delay the more drastic the artifacts get. Despite those facts analogue Delays have their very own charme and can be used for several effects as you can create not only echos, chorus and flanger effects but even short reverbs and “spacy” sounds.

Delay time can be set with the according control between 75ms and 200ms, with control voltages even from 50ms to 2000ms. Beyond a delay time of 300ms the internal clock frequency becomes audible as a explicit whistling. You can eliminate this with a low pass filter but it will also cut down the high frequencies. The sound of an analog delay above 500ms should be considered a special effect regarding the reduced audio quality at long delay times.

The RS440 features two modulation inputs for controlling delay time through voltages (±10V); one is equipped with an attenautor. The resonance parameter sets the number of repeats and can be considered as the fedback parameter. The resonance goes up to self-oscillation which will work even without an input signal.

Voltage and manual control of the dry/wet mix ist available as well.

Technical details
Width: 12HP

Fixed CV input
Vary CV input
Signal input
Mix CV input
Signal output

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