Analogue Systems RS-430 Distortion


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Product Description

Really good sounding distortion module with voltage control of distortion amount and the mix between dry and wet signal. The module is optimised to high level in a modular systems but you can process guitar signals as well.

Two CV inputs make it possible to modulate not only the amount of distortion but also the dry/wet-relation. The mix of both audio signals at the input is being split and sent to two signal paths: the unprocessed, clean path and the one distiortion ciruitry. The switch labeled INV/NON-INV betermines if the distorted signal has the same phase as the original signal or if it´s phase inverted, an aspect that can change the timbre.

If you´d like to use the module before a filter module in order to filter two oscillators, the two audio inputs come handy as you cyn leave out an additional mixer module. But the RS-430 can be used anywhere in the signal path of course.

technical details

Width: 12HP


Drive CV input

Mix CV input

Signal input 1

Signal input 2

Signal output

Additional Information

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Dimensions 15.7 x 10.4 x 10 cm