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Digital delay

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Digital delay with 16-/ 24-Bit resolution, 46.9kHz sampling rate and a maximum delay time of 3 seconds. It offers one mono input and two separate outputs for creating ping-pong delays. Control voltages can modulate the delay time and the dry/wet mix as well.

The AD- & DA- converters work with linear PWM and 24Bit, although the RS390 works internally with 16Bit.

Three delay time ranges to select from: 1.75ms-100ms; 8.7ms-500ms and 52ms-3000ms which means you can create effects ranging from chorus, flanger to echos. The first repeat in the left channel happens after 1/2 of the delay time; the first repeat on the right channel after a further 1/2 delay time – this is perfect for creating ping pong delays.

The Repeat Depth parameter controls the feedback level. Ath high settings you can create infinite delays, but take care of the level and distortion. Repeat Damping is a low pass filter in the feedback loop that will dampen each repeat which matches the behaviour of a real echo.

Technical details
Width: 12HP

Time CV input
Mix CV input
Signal input
Signal Left output
Signal Right output

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