Analogue Systems RS-380 Multi Module


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Product Description

This very useful module combines in 12HP four completely different sub modules: a voltage controlled LFO, a noise generator, a sample-and-hold type random generator and a VCA.

1. Voltage controlled LFO with two selectable frequency ranges: LOW goes from 0.3Hz to 6Hz and HIGH from 5Hz to 1.500Hz; using control voltages you can reach lower and higher frequencies, though. The CV input is not compliant to the 1V/octave characteristic. Two waveforms are available; square and triangle. 

2. analog noise generator that produces white noise

3. SampleandHold: due to normalizaed sockets you can use this sub-module without patching as the LFO´s square wave and the white noise are pre-patched. Alternatively you can insert other signals than the internal white noise through the Source In socket.

4. VCA: classic VCA with one signal input, two signal outputs and one CV input.

technical details

Width: 12HP


LFO Freq. CV input

LFO output

Noise output

Random output

Random SRC input

VCA Signal input

VCA Signal output A

VCA-Signal output B

VCA CV input


Additional Information

Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 15.7 x 10.4 x 10 cm