Analogue Systems RS-360 Phase Filterbank


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Product Description

The RS-360 Vocal / Phase Filter contains three voltage controlled resonant multimode filters that are summed at the outputs. The low pass and high pass filters with a slope of -24db/octave whilst the band pass and notch filters work with -12dB slope. The module is suited for creating vocal-like sounds and formants.

Formants are important ingredients of miscellaneous sounds known to us like speech and music instruments. To synthetise these formants you need at least three resonant band pass filters with individual control. For that reason each of the multimoder filters contained in the RS-360 has it´s own 1V/octave cutoff control input and an attenuator for the input signal. In addition there´s a global control input with attenuator and a Master Cutoff control that control the cutoff frequencies of all three filters simultaneously.

With this module you can realize not only formanst but also interesting stereo effects when the notch and bandpass ouputs are placed left and right in the stereo field. Generating sounds is another speciality of this module as all three filters can seslf-oscillate; at a high resonance setting, shortly before self-oscillation, a pulse signal or a trigger from a sequencer or a LFO will “ring” the fiter and produce a decaying sinusoid wave; great for percussions. Furthermode, connecting the module´s audio output(s) with the CV input(s) creates very complex timbres.

technical details

Width: 18HP


VCF1 CV input

VCF2 CV input

VCF3 CV input

Vary CV input

Signal input

Low output

High output

Notch output

Band output

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