Analogue Systems RS-350 Slew Limiter


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Product Description

The RS-350 is a voltage controlled Slew Limiter that can be switched on or off by a positive going gate signal which e.g. simplifies creation of TB303-like sequences.

The signal at the V-in socket will be passed to a slew limiter circuitry and also looped through to the buffered jack V-Out.

The slew limiter delays rapid voltage changes and smoothens them. A frequent use is creating portamento. You can also create A/D-envelopes with the limitation that both the rise and fall times are equal.

The amount of slew can be controlled manually and per voltage. The processed signal is present at the buffered outputs Slew Out A and Slew Out B.

technical details

Width: 6HP


V input

CV input

ON/OFF input

V output

Slew output A

Slew output B

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