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Gate Delay

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Generally the module differentiates between two different modes:

1. NON-RETRIGGER Mode: If no signal is present at the Reset input each delay cycle will finish before it can be restarted. This way you can use the module as a simple clock divider with one output.

2. RETRIGGER MODE: A positive pulse signal at the gate input will finish abruptly the delay cycle and re-initilaizes it.

Delay time and gate time can be set independently in a wide range between 10ms to 10sec. The total length of a cycle consists of both parameters´ times.

Gate delays make a number of musically advantageous applications possible, like e.g. doubling attacks, gates and triggers; converting trigger signals into gate signals, delaying attacks or events, dividing clocks etc. The RS-340 also works as a pulse shaper generating loud, hiqh quality gate signals from poor and low-amplitude gates.

technical details
Width: 6HP

Gate input
Reset input
Trigger output
Gate output

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Dimensions 15.7 × 10.4 × 10 cm