Addac401 Gated Envelope Follower v2


8 amplitude related gate outputs

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With the ADDAC401 Envelope Follower you’ll be able to use the volume of any sound source to control your synthesis.

The envelope follower has an interesting twist: besides outputting the volume information through a regular CV output, it also sports 8 independent gate outputs, triggered by the corresponding levels of the VU meter.

You can also control the offset on the gated outputs, either by CV or by steps through a special dedicated gate input.

Input Level and Decay controls allow you to achieve good envelope follower amplitude reaction.

Envelope Gain and Offset allows to set the envelope CV output to any desired CV range.

Monitor Leds for both the CV output and for the digital detection circuit.


  • Audio input
  • CV output
  • 8 Gated Outputs
  • Input level knob
  • Decay knob
  • Manual Offset knob
  • Offset CV input with attenuator knob
  • Offset gate Input
  • Input Level and Decay controls for regular envelope following.
  • Dedicated gated outputs.
  • Offset function for gated outputs (controllable either manually or step-by-step through CV gate input).

Width: 8 HP
Depth: 4.5 cm
CV output: ±10v
Gate input: 0 – 5v (threshold: 2.5v)
Gate outputs: 0 – 5v
Max current: 110mA +12v & 20mA on -12V
Bus Board Cable: 8 × 2 IDC (Doepfer style) connector

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