Addac111 Ultra WAV Player


Introducing samples and real sounds into modular environments and performances takes things to a whole new level. Here's the Rolls Royce of Euro wav type devices.

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The ADDAC111 ULTRA .WAV PLAYER is the long waited upgrade to the praised ADDAC101 .WAV PLAYER.

While keeping all functions of the original, there’s more dedicated controls as well as a few new functions.

For this version ADDAC chose to use Micro SD Cards, this decision was made in order to help the hardware construction and make it only 3cm deep.

The .Wav Player basic principle of operation is simple:

  • The Loop Size, Start Point and  Sample Rate defines how the loop is played.
  • Loop Settings defines if sample is looping or playing only once.
  • File Access if it advances to the next or previous file.
  • The VCA section controls the overall volume of the module.
  • And finally the Envelope Follower generates a CV voltage related to the amplitude of the audio signal pre-VCA.

An expansion module, ADDAC111B, was also created to allow users to recall the first 8 files through dedicated trigger signals. This allows sequencing of files.

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