About Us

Red long vertPCymru Beats (pronounced Cumree Beats) is run by electronic music enthusiasts in Cardiff, the capital city of Wales. Cymru Beats is based at Soundworks Studios in Cardiff Bay where there is a dedicated area for visitors to look at stock and try things out. We are unapologetic audio geeks and Soundworks, which  has been running since 1991, specialises in audio post production for TV & film and as well as some music recording, mixing and composition.

We bought our first Eurorack system (all Doepfer) in the late 90s and it’s ever growing.

For people who appreciate technology and music, Eurorack is a dream come true. Every week or so it seems that there is some really interesting new must-have module from somewhere in the world.

That’s why this store exists – we want to share our passion with musicians and enthusiasts locally and further afield, bringing those rare and hard-to-get modules to Britain.

We’re open 10-5 Monday to Friday, let us know if you’re planning a visit by emailing us at sales@cymrubeats.com